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One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila More

PhoenixBites had the opportunity to attend thepreview party for the 2nd Annual Phoenix Tequila Festival being held on December 11th and 12th at the ... 2010-12-02 « back

Not necessarily the way you may remember the rhyme, but it will be after you visit the 2nd Annual Phoenix Tequila Fest.

PhoenixBites had the opportunity to attend the preview party for the 2nd Annual Phoenix Tequila Festival being held on December 11th and 12th at the US Airways Center and what an amazing experience it was.  The attendees were greeted by an amazing mariachi band which helped to really set the festive mood.  For me, mariachi music represents the holidays in the SouthWest and just puts a little smile in my heart.

I had to get down to business fairly quickly as I was asked to be one of the three Margarita Challenge judges.  I giggled to myself when I was asked – Who wouldn’t want to try the best of the best?  It did prove to be a bit difficult as the three specialty margaritas that I was to judge were delicious in their own unique ways.  I was whisked away to a corner of the Toyota Club at the US Airways Center and presented with three amazing beverages.  They were very aesthetically pleasing and my mouth was watering immediately.  I was to judge based on appearance, taste, smell and likelihood that I would order in the future.  I have to say, I am a major fan of the margarita almost anyway that you mix it so this was a huge treat and I was up for the challenge!

    * Option A was a pink concoction, slightly sweet with just the right amount of tartness that you expect from a choice margarita and was topped with mixed berries and whipped cream.
    * Option B was orangeish and dressed with a grapefruit and mint garnish and was very tart.  I have to say this was a personal thing for me – since I am not a fan of grapefruit.  It was tasty enough, just not my favorite.
    * Option C was a yellowish color – what one might expect from a traditional margarita and had a lime and cilantro garnish.

I had to go with Option A as it had light notes and was not too strong or overpowering and was more sweet than tart.  As it turned out Option A was the big winner of the afternoon and turned out to be Macayo’s Berry Margarita created by Casey Starr.  Look for him at the upcoming event.

Winner of the margarita challenge, Casey Starr from Macayo's Depot Cantina, with the judges.

Throughout the afternoon festivities gift baskets were raffled off.  The baskets were phenomenal ranging from Suns tickets to ballet performances and, of course, lots and lots of Premium Tequila.  It just so happens that I walked away with an amazing prize of a Tres Agaves Margarita Kit.  It was hard work, but my husband and I made short work of tasting our way through the Blanco Tequila and Agave Syrup.  We have already since bought more and think it may be our new favorite!

The Phoenix Suns Dancers were on hand to hand out the prizes and take pictures.  There was even a guest appearance by The Gorilla!

We were treated to lots of interesting facts about Tequila as well.  Did you know that the Agave plant was domesticated for human consumption over 3,500 years ago and was first used for food and textiles?  Or that Jalisco, Mexico was the first to distill tequila in the 18th and 19th centuries?

The 2nd Annual Phoenix Tequila Fest is going to be an amazing celebration of food, tequila and mariachi music.  Your admission price is all that you will need as there are no additional tasting fees that you will pay while at the event (this is an amazing perk!)

The Fest will feature:

    * All day tastings and sampling of the world’s finest Tequilas including reposados/añejos/blancos, as well as organics and infusions.
    * Continuous Live Entertainment.
    * Sampling booths located throughout US Airways Center featuring, numerous Tequila brands, distilleries, and varietals, and tasting instructions.
    * Sampling from outstanding Mexican restaurants including Macayo’s, Garcia’s, La Parrilla Suiza, Dos Gringos and America’s Taco Shop with favorites such as carne asada, shrimp ceviche, flautas, taquitos, chimichangas and the best salsa North of the border.
    * Tequila experts and mixologists showcase hot trends in tequila, from tequila infusions with mango, coffee, guayaba, habanero, pineapple, and watermelon margaritas.
    * Tequila distillers/agave farmers will be on hand to share how agave is grown, harvested, roasted, fermented, distilled and aged in fine wood barrels to create the various expressions and flavors of tequila.
    * Ride the TEQUILA EXPRESS! The Phoenix Tequila Fest is a Light Rail Ride Event. Ticketholders to the Phoenix Tequila Fest can ride METRO Light Rail at no additional cost beginning four hours prior to the event, through the end of the transit day.

You won’t want to miss the 19th Annual Christmas Mariachi Festival on Saturday night or local favorite Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers closing out the event with a concert on Sunday night.  Your entry fee of $48 gets you all the tequila, food and concert events that your heart can handle!  (Don’t forget that 50% of all proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley!)

This is definitely an event you do not want to miss out on!  For tickets and additional information go to

We hope to see you there!

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