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Tasting Notes – Tres Agaves Tequila Reposado

Mix-Pour-Sip reviews Tres Agaves Reposado 2011-05-25 « back

The same people who brought you Tres Agaves restaurant in San Francisco (now rebranded as Tres) are now offering a line of tequilas and tequila mixers.  The Tres Agaves Reposado Tequila was my first introduction to this line and I came away pleased and expecting to sample this reposado again soon.  

The Tres Agaves Reposado gets it character from a combination of the blended tequilas it employs along with being finished in used Kentucky bourbon barrels.  The result is a mellowing of the harsh vaporousness found in many lesser reposados that makes Tres Agaves ideal as a tequila to serve neat or as a shot.


On the nose, this tequila is subtle but inviting offering hints of wet stone, tanned leather, apricot and clean ocean air.  Together, it is very appealing and even opens up a bit more with the addition of a couple drops of filtered water or a couple of ice cubes.


In the glass, there is a pleasant near-spiciness of subtle black pepper and a mineral like quality to it as well.  The main players here, however, are mellowed agave and caramel tinged oak that are both pleasant but make this one for a more mature tequila drinker.  Someone looking for that tequila attack known by lesser bottlings might be disappointed by Tres Agaves Reposado as it is definitely more mellow, more refined, more nuanced.


While I do enjoy and recommend this tequila straight, it is an excellent base as a mixer.  I tried it in a number of cocktails and found it works quite well in a number of applications.  It makes a very sophisticated margarita with house made lime cordial and excelled in the Mexican classic Paloma Cocktail made with Ting grapefruit soda (recipe bellow).  I also really enjoyed it in a rocks glass with 2 oz of tequila, 1 oz of green Chartrueuse, ice and filled with home made tonic water.  The Tres Agaves Reposado, because of its deep and mellow nature, plays very well with most kids at the cocktail shaker playground and I recommend it as one to have around your home bar.


The packaging is also quite nice.  The bottle and label hint at a by gone era and the cork with the oversized wood top is a nice touch.  At about $30 US a bottle, this is one reposado to have on hand and certainly one to play with at the home cocktail bar.