Tres Agaves in “Cherri Future”

The last decade or so has seen the rise of the independent film.  Whether it was a blockbuster hit like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, or a critics favorite like this Oscar hopeful “Winter’s Bone”, Indy flicks have shown they’re ready to compete with the big boys.

As we begin to gear up for the Summer of 2011, keep your eye out for Cherri Future.  Directed by Paul Gervasi, based on a true-to-life story, and featuring Tres Agaves, the film chronicles the alternative hard-rock band Trouble in Heaven as they struggle through adversity and ultimately emerge triumphant. While the crew doesn’t want to give away too much too soon, here are a few clips and stills worth a look.

Paul in the Desert

A clip of the crew talking about Tres Agaves in Cherri Future

Check out the Cherri Future’s Facebook page here.

Or Trouble in Heaven’s MySpace page here.

Tres Agaves Shines at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge

The award season for movies is over, but for Tequila, it’s just getting started.  The results are in at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, the Oscars of the spirits world, and let’s just say that Tres Agaves is starting to look a whole lot like Jack Nicholson.  Tres Agaves is…

  • The only brand ever to score 90 or above in all three expressions: Blanco, Reposado & Añejo
  • Second-to-none across its portfolio with an average score of 91.3
  • The only Tequila to be a finalist in 2 out of 3 expressions
  • Still the holder of the highest ever single Tequila rating with a 97 for its Añejo in 2010
  • Still the all-time leader with 3 Chairman’s Trophies

USC Judge Sean Ludford

Listen to this note from USC judge Sean Ludford talking about our Blanco

“Vibrant and sweet agave aromas dominate with supporting notes of citrus, pear, and hints of wild mint. Wonderfully proportioned with a silky texture making it ideal for sipping or mixing.”

Here he is again talking about our Reposado:

“Wonderfully fresh with baked tropical fruits, complimenting barrel notes, and hints of lime juice. Ideally balanced and perfect for sipping or mixing.”

Perfect for sipping or mixing!  That’s what we’ve been saying all along!

Tres Agaves @ BeMyApp & Agave Agape

Tres Agaves was featured over the weekend at a couple of great local events.

If you’re a developer in San Francisco, you might have caught BeMyApp going on at the pariSoma Innovation Loft.  The concept?  90 people get together on Friday to design the next great mobile app by Sunday.  Nothing gets ideas flowing like Tequila.  The minds behind the next Angry Birds kicked things off on Friday by squeezing limes and suckin down fresh Margaritas.

From Tres Agaves’ event representative Maria Ferrer:

“Techies from different parts of the world love-love-love to make their own world-class Tres Agaves Margaritas.  They are all falling in line at the “MYOM” station (Make Your Own Margarita) station for the TAP experience!  Great TAP reception at pariSoma BeMyApp event:)”

Check out BeMyApp’s blog to hear more about the event, and to read about some of the all-star developers involved.

While they were crunching 1’s and 0’s in SF, Tres Agaves was display at the Agave Agape, Tequila Tasting & Auction Fundraiser.  What the heck is ‘Agave Agape’?  It basically just means, ‘to love tequila’, and the 100 or so people there all did.  Noted Tequila expert and friend of the brand Joanne Weir was also on hand signing her book “TEQUILA: A guide to types, flights, cocktails and bites”.

From Tres Agaves NorCal Promotions Manager Rafael Amador:

“I knew it was going to be a special night when I walked in the small intimate venue, with my niece’s original training saddle, cowboy hat and my own suede gavan for display.  The noise level went down and could feel the stares asking ‘What the…!’ I brought two 2 glass containers, both we filled with fresh limes, and in the front one I threw in some serrano chilies in to the mix. We passed out Sangrita and it really did get the ‘OMG, you have to try this!’ comment from a lot of people.  I made it with just about the right kick, and added salt and pepper to my own taste. (you can check out the recipe here ). Best part of the evening? Our Reposado won the taster’s choice award!”

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