Los Cenzontles

Los Cenzontles is a grassroots organization educating the SF Bay Area community on the traditional arts and culture of Mexico. Los Cenzontles Academy boasts an impressive variety of cultural heritage experts in authentic Mexican music, art, and dance; teaching students of all ages. They were founded in 1994 by Eugene Rodriguez, a highly-regarded musician and educator.

Los Cenzontles is also the name of the band put together by the members of the San Pablo Academy. The name translates to ‘The Mockingbirds’. Much like the organization, the band tries to promote a sense of cultural pride and cultural awareness, fusing traditional Mexican rhythms with a more modern Californian sound, creating “a fresh Chicano voice for a new generation. “

Check out Los Cenzontles, ‘The Mockingbirds’ below:

Los Cenzontles are based in San Pablo, Northern California.

To show your support, visit their facebook page.

Patrick Johnson’s Pepino Borracho.


Patrick Johnson, the Santa Cruz-based mixologist extraordinaire was gracious enough to compile this fiery jalapeño and Tres Agaves-inspired cocktail! Can you handle the heat?!


1 inch cucumber

Quarter sized slice of jalapeño (no seeds if you can’t handle heat!)

Juice from 1 lime

3/4 oz Tres Agaves Nectar

2 oz Tres Agaves Blanco


Muddle cucumber and jalapeño.

Add other ingredients.

Ice and shake.