Cascarones or Confetti Eggs


Small scissors
Torn up paper or confetti
Dye for eggs
Tissue paper

With small scissors, poke a hole at the bottom (fattest end) of the raw egg.

Take the scissors and cut a hole large enough for your finger to get into the hole.

Pour contents of egg out. Once you have all of it out, rinse the inside with water. To do this, fill the
egg 1/2 full of water, plug the hole with you finger and shake. Empty the contents.

Poke your finger into the hole and scrape around the inside. You are trying to get the membrane
removed from the shell. If you get the membrane removed the egg will crack easier and the contents
with “explode” much better.

Next, place your eggs into a pot with water (enough to cover the eggs) you need to boil your eggs in a slow boil for 10 minutes. This will help get rid of any bacteria. Once the eggs are boiled, take them out of the pot and allow to cool.
Finally, you can dye the eggs. You can use what ever method is best for you (food coloring, Easter egg kits, tea bags…)

Once dyed, fill the eggs up with confetti. Remember to fill one with glitter. The lucky recipient will not
only get to go home with glitter in their hair but they can also win a gift from the host. If you party is
outside, I suggest filling the eggs with wild flower seeds and bird seed.

To fill the hole, cut out a small piece of tissue paper and use a glue mixture (equal parts glue to water) and “paint” onto both sides of the tissue paper. Allow to air dry.Once eggs are dried, put them out for your guests to enjoy!

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