Frieday Fact: Yanks Like Tequila (a lot)

According to the Mexican National Chamber for the Tequila Industry 135 million liters of Tequila were exported in 2009 – and most of it heads north. Nearly 108 million liters crossed the border, representing almost 80 percent of all Tequila exports. That’s a lot of shots and margaritas, folks. How about over 3.6 BILLION?

Ready for some shots in Guadalajara

The top five Tequila importing (drinking and/or consuming) countries also might surprise you. Here’s how they stacked up in 2009:

1. United States (108 million liters)
2. Germany (5.9 million)
3. Spain (3.1 million)
4. France (2.3 million)
5. Japan (1.4 million)