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Caprese Cocktail by Mixologist Patrick Johnson

September 29, 2011

Santa Cruz-based mixologist Patrick Johnson created this Caprese salad-inspired cocktail with Tres Agaves' 18 month oak barrel-aged Añejo Tequila, our new Organic Margarita Mix, Cocktail-Ready Agave Nectar, and a medley of organic produce you can find at your local farmer's market or real foods store.  A refreshing interpretation of the classic Italian starter dish.  (Gotta' love that Mozzarella garnish!) Ingredients: 2 oz Tres Agaves Añejo Tequila 1 oz Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix Splash of Tres Agaves Cocktail-Ready Agave Nectar 1 medium sized organic cherry heirloom tomato 5 medium sized basil leaves Small dash of celery bitters .5 oz lime juice 3 turns of fresh cracked pepper Dash of Chipotle powder Small ball of Mozzarella cheese Preparation: - In a mixing glass muddle organic heirloom tomato and basil leaves. - Add Tres Agaves Añejo Tequila, Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix, Tres Agaves Cocktail-Ready Nectar, celery bitters, lime juice, and fresh cracked pepper into salt rimmed glass. - Add ice and shake hard. - Fine strain through a tea strainer into glass. - Add a dash of Chipotle powder to top of cocktail. - Garnish with a cherry heirloom tomato, basil leaf, and small ball of Mozzarella cheese.


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