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Eric Rubin's Journal: Colorado, Definitely a Tequila State

April 20, 2011

What a great trip I had to Colorado two weeks ago.  Sure, I drove across the Bay Bridge in 70 degree (February no less!) weather to land in Denver at minus 20.  But the trip was worth it.  We know Colorado has vibrant Mexican and Hispanic communities, and therefore great food.  But the truth is that many, heck most, old-school Mexican restaurants serve really bad drinks--more on this in an upcoming post.  For me, the real sign of Tequila culture catching on is when you go to your neighborhood bar and see a well thought out selection of 100% agave brands.  One of my favorites was in the Hi-Lo neighborhood.  An awesome vibe with a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and over 90 Tequilas.  Another was in Boulder, which was cocktail-driven with an excellent drink list.  I loved my añejo Manhattan there.  I’m definitely looking forward to my return visit.


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