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Eric Rubin's Journal: East vs West

January 27, 2011

Jan. 26th – East vs West Today I’m traveling to the East Coast, specifically Virginia Beach. I look forward to posting some of the differences we see in Tequila knowledge here vs the West Coast. The numbers do show that considerably more 100% agave Tequila is consumed west of the Mississippi, so from that might assume that the knowledge level is higher out west. But is it true? January 27th – East vs West After one day I can say that the selections of 100% agave brands out west is way, way more impressive than what I saw today, and I do think more Tequila aficionados reside out west. But, to be fair to people here, a lot of what is sold to people in bars and restaurants out west is not dictated by the consumer. Their choices (i.e. back bars and cocktail lists) are put together by bartenders and beverage managers that are more knowledgeable due to their proximity to Mexico and long history of Anglo-Latino cultural exchange in their communities.


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