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How to build a Bloody Maria Bar

November 19, 2012

Here are a few tips for creating the perfect Bloody Maris Bar. 1. Start with the first & only Organic Bloody Maria Mix: Tres Agaves Organic Bloody Maria Mix. For as long as Tequia has been around, the people of Mexico have known to pair their favorite spirit with the vibrant flavors of tomato, citrus & peppers, either in a mixed cocktail or neat with a Sangrita chaser. Tres Agaves Organic Bloody Maria Mix is the first Bloody Mary style mix that is specifically designed to balance Tequila's bold flavor profile while also complementing Vodka's more neutral characteristics. 2. Choose your favorite spirit we're partial to Tres Agaves 100% agave Tequila! 3. Bloody Maria purists may disagree but we think anything goes when it comes to making a delicious Bloody Maria. Make sure to have pleanty of toothpicks on hand so guests can choose an array of garnishes. Here are a few possible ganishes: Celery Lemons Limes Bell Pepper Pickle Spears Carrots Black Olives Green Olives Stuffed Olives Jalapinos Pickled Veggies Banana Peppers Pepperoncini Cilantro Shrimp Steamed Oysters Strips of Bacon Crumbled Bacon Beef Jerkey Pepperoni Sticks Misc. Items Ice Collins Glasses Toothpicks Jigger (something to measure spirits) Stirrers Put it all out for your guest to enjoy!How do you take your Bloody Maria?


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