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Pepper Revolution!

May 20, 2011

Strictly reserved for the seasoned mixologists, we have a cocktail that is a true alchemy of savory and sweet, but still light and refreshing, with a sophisticated pepper kick as a result of the various/unique pepper infusions. Patrick Johnson, mixologist based in Santa Cruz, constructed this libation especially for Tres Agaves at Hecho en San Francisco event on Cinco de Mayo, 2011. Pepper Revolution - 2oz Tres Agave Blanco - 1oz Pepper infused agave syrup (see specifics below) - Juice of 1 lime Shaken, served on the rocks Agave soaked peppers used as garnish Pepper Agave Syrup - 2:1 agave nectar to water - Toast black pepper corns till fragrant - Red, green, gold bell peppers sliced and seeds removed - Anaheim and aji peppers deveined and seeds removed - Cook till peppers are soft, and agave nectar dissolves fully into water. - Remove from heat and let peppers remain in syrup overnight. - Strain and save the peppers for garnish


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