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Taking work on one taste a time...

September 24, 2010

Welcome to the Tres Agaves Marketing blog. Here I hope to mix up a delicious- if not then at least refreshing- elixer that is 1 part marketing think, 1 part personal journal and commentary and 1 part 100% blue agave spirit. The goal is to deliver a mighty fine cocktail but I've been on the job exactly two weeks today and if I'm gonna keep up with Tres' expert Tequila mixologists (@ericrubinsf, @barryaugus, @chrisalvarezlv) then I've got some "work" to do.  What I do know is that I find Tres Tequila sublime and the 100% agave market is hotter than the Chihauhaun Desert. Lucky for me the "work" starts tomorrow with an educational trip to the Tequila Valley to learn more about the fermentation, distillation and bottling process.  (And I plan to sample, taste and sip some of the finest that the region has to offer. )  Look for posts and videos from the trip (coming soon!). It's the start of a fun, exciting adventure.  I plan to document a lot of it here.  The goal is to create posts that offer stories from the road, ideas from the the marketing office, shout outs about the latest news along with thoughts about tequila, culture, the beverage industry.  And, God knows, I hope to share a recipe or two.   I invite you to share the ride and do the same: provide some commentary, pass on a favorite recipe and bust me in the chops when I need it.  I look forward sharing and learning with and from you. Taste and enjoy.


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