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Tequila Talk - Tahona

October 12, 2010

While visiting El Centenario distillery in the highlands region I got to see a Tahona working in action.  The distillery produces Siete Lequas which is named after Pancho Villa's horse. A Tahona is basically a 1-2 thousand pound wheel that is moved by mules in a circular fashion to crush the cooked agave to extract the pulp and get it ready for fermentation. Here's a pic of a Tahona at El Centenario.  It's both nostalgic and impressive to see:
Mules pulling a Tahona at El Centenario.
At El Centenario they work the mules in two shifts, at 6am and 11:30am, for an hour and a half each time. The pulp and fiber are then removed by hand to be fermented - labor intensive for sure. Want to learn more about the Tahona?  I suggest starting at which has nice alternative definition.


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