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Tres Agaves Reposado Honored as a Top 100 Spirit of 2018

December 27, 2018

Tres Agave - Top 100 Spirit of 2018 Tres Agaves 100% de Agave Reposado Tequila was named one of Wine Enthusiast's Top 100 Spirits of 2018.  Wine Enthusiast's yearly list of Top 100 Spirits is formulated after reviewing all spirits included in its Spirit Buying Guide.  No shortage of competition there!   Not only did we land in the Top 100 Spirits, but with a rating of 93, Tres Agaves Reposado holds its place among the Top 5 Tequilas of 2018!   Are you also salivating for Tequila that "leads with honey and jalapeño, finishing with hints of vanilla and sweet cinnamon"?  If so, you're in good company! As Tres Agaves continues to grow nationally, we are committed to the excellent taste our consumers have come to expect from our Tequilas.  The best part about our Tequilas is they are as great to enjoy neat as they are in a cocktail.  Interested in simply enjoying the complex flavors found in our Tequila?  Find out where you can purchase a bottle of our 100% de Agave Blanco, Reposado, or Añejo Tequila near you!  If you're interested in a fine cocktail featuring our award-winning Tres Agaves 100% de Agave Reposado Tequila, might we suggest a Strawberry Margarita, complete with our Organic Strawberry Margarita Mix?  You really can't go wrong. ¡Salud Amigos!


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