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Winning Recipes from Margarita Challenge

October 20, 2010

Thea Sommers, who bartends at Carefree Station in Carefree, AZ was the winner of the Tres Agaves Margarita Challenge at the recent Arizona Taco Festival. Thea was clearly on her game with her Apple Pie Margarita and Sombero cocktails. She served them up with sass and class. Check out these photos.
For those who want to make these winning cocktails here’s the secret to Thea’s success: Apple Pie Margarita 1oz green apple puree 1oz cinnamon simple sryup 2oz Tres Agaves Tequila 3 squeezes of lime sparkling cider Add all ingredients into shaker, shake well, pour into a tall glass with cinnamon sugar rim, garnish with apple and carmel. Sombrero 1 slice red bell pepper 2 cilranto leaves 2 oz Tres Agaves Tequila 1 oz Tres Agaves 100% Organic Agave Nectar 2 lime squeezes Float of Mezcal habanero sauce(abourt 2 drops) Smokey Salt for garnish Muddle red pepper, cilranto, and agave nectar, add rest of ingredients, shake well, strain, pour over ice into a bucket glass, garnish with a smokey salted rim and a slice of red pepper. Sounds better than yummy, Thea!


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