Award Winning Tequila starts with the Perfect Agave

In agave we trust. But not just any agave. For Tequila to be called Tequila, it must be made from 100% Blue Agave, the plant that gives the spirit its unique taste. At Tres Agaves, we use only perfect, organic agaves grown in the Tequila Valley, the same magical place where we distill and age our Tequila.

Agave from the Valley have a specific terroir or flavor profile: agave-forward, earthy, peppery, and herbaceous. You can taste it in each of our Tequilas—from our unaged Blanco to our 9-month-aged Reposado to our 18-month-aged Añejo.

By the way, our agave doesn’t just go into our Tequila; they also go into the agave nectar in our mixes. Did you know agave is just as delicious as a sweetener as it is a spirit? Sure we’re biased, but we think a margarita sweetened with agave nectar and mixed with only organic 100% de agave Tequila is the pretty much the best margarita you can find. Just right for kicking back and hanging out with friends and family.

Limes for the Perfect Margarita

As fruit goes, nothing says sun and ahhhhhh quite like a lime. Our Tres Agaves lime and strawberry margarita mixes are made with Tahiti limes: a cross between key limes and lemons. Tahiti limes are less acidic than key limes, which allows us to get just the right balance of fruit in our mixes.

Our limes are grown in Tamaulipas and Veracruz—by the Tropic of Cancer on the Caribbean side of Mexico—true lime nirvana. We source the limes from a collective of small to medium size farmers who are all certified organic. That means we’re not only supporting smaller businesses but also giving you the very highest-quality fruit. Win-win, if you ask us.

Tomatoes for the perfect Bloody Mary

What better place to get the tomatoes for our Bloody Mary mix than California, America’s fruit basket? Our tomatoes are grown organically by farmers in the Central Valley, where the heat of the day suits them perfectly. Did you know tomatoes can tolerate temperatures in excess of 100 degrees? Well, now you do. Also, the Valley’s cooler nights give the plants time to recover, ensuring their natural sweetness. Long story short: organic tomato perfection for you.


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