You may never have thought of it, but just like there are great wine-making regions in the world, where Tequila is made means everything. And no place is more revered for Tequila—and blue agave—than Mexico’s Tequila Valley. There’s a reason we say, “In Tequila Valley, we trust.”

The region is home to the towns of Tequila (where the spirit got its name) and Amatitan (where our distillery is located). Thanks to the nearby El Volcan de Tequila (Tequila Volcano), the area’s sandy, volcanic soil is perfectly suited to growing agaves and making tequila known for its spicy herbal and earthy notes.

It is here, in this magical place, that Tres Agaves all comes together. Where colorful people live colorful lives. Where generations of jimadores continue to pass down their art form to new generations. And it is here, where enjoying a perfect margarita—in the land where tequila was born—isn’t exactly mandatory but is certainly encouraged.

Oh, and if you ever venture to the Tequila Valley—highly, highly recommend—make sure to take in these spirited, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


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