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Frieday Facts - the Tasty Taco

October 8, 2010

Yummy goodness.
In celebration of this weekend's Arizona Taco Festival I thought provide some quick stats on this American-adopted Mexican sensation. God, I love these delicious bites.  According to Wikipedia the Taco predates Europeans where indigenous Mexicans served them up with fish -which is just how I like them.  At the Bay area's La Corneta they make them fresh with salmon and a little bit of pico del gallo.  Give me that bit of northwest flavor with south of the border sabor. Yum.  You up north?  Try Taco del Mar.  I like the shack of a place in Seattle's Capital Hill. And who knew the fish taco was so traditional? Here's some other facts you might not know about this tasty treat:
  • Bernal Díaz del Castillo documented the first taco feast enjoyed by Europeans, a meal which Hernán Cortés arranged for his captains.
  • The classic "U" shaped taco dates back only to 1949 and originates from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Taco Bell serves over 2 billion tacos every year.
  • Largest taco ever was made in 2002 and was 16 feet long.
  • Indian Tacos (for your Burners out there who want to know what's up when heading to Burning Man) are made with fry bread instead of tortillas.
Next time I'm heading to the Playa I guess I'll finally have to try one along the way.


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